About Us

Designing and producing corrugated displays and packaging for our customers for over 50 Years.

In 1967, Louie Englander saw a need in Central Texas for shipping boxes and founded Englander Container in Waco, Texas. His focus was on customer needs and quick turnaround times. A few years later, in Dallas, TX, Ted Hager had similar plans and founded Hager Containers, with an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Both businesses grew into thriving corrugated sheet plants and became known as vendors and partners with whom customers could rely. Louie Englander and Ted Hager would go on to become lifelong friends and business associates.

Marty Englander, Louie’s son and Englander’s current CEO, had a vision of growing the corrugated package and display company beyond Central Texas. Under Marty’s customer-minded leadership, Englander has enhanced its structural and graphic design departments, expanded graphics capabilities for corrugated packaging and displays and added sales and distribution locations in the Austin/San Antonio area, Dallas/Fort Worth area and in Northwest Arkansas.

In 2003, Doug Zadow, Steve Hager and Carl Renner acquired the majority ownership of Hager Containers. After the acquisition of Shelby Packaging, Hager Containers officially changed its name to dZignPak. In addition to its substantial corrugated packaging and display business, dZignPak expanded its operations with divisions in graphics design, distribution, foam and wood. The graphics division specializes in POP corrugated displays, sign holders, literature racks and trade-show displays.

In 2009, Englander expanded its production capabilities through the acquisition of a Carrollton, Texas based sign, banner and in-store marketing company, Sonntag. Their focus was on digital and screen-printed POP materials, security signage and fulfillment. Englander could now guide its corrugated packaging and display customers through all steps of the design, production and fulfillment process.

In 2010, Englander acquired Stribling Packaging and Juiced Creative of Rogers, Arkansas. This strategic acquisition expanded the company’s regional footprint, opened the door to opportunities, designing and delivering corrugated packaging and displays for Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and their vendors, and brought increased production and design capabilities.

The partnership between Englander Container and dZignPak first began in 1997 with ownership in TexCorr, a corrugated sheet feeder. In 2011, the two 40+ year-old independent companies decided to finally join together. Englander Container & Display and dZignPak merged, forming Englander dZignPak, LLC, and celebrated 50 years of business in 2017.

In 2018, Englander dZignPak joined Packaging Corporation of America to help better serve and grow the communities and customers that have been integral to 50+ years of business. Englander dZignPak|PCA continues to offer the same quality and personal service, with expanded support and production capacity to help deliver at-retail displays, packaging and in-store advertising through production facilities nationwide.