Hershey’s Modular Halloween Candy Display

October 12, 2016

Englander dZignPak Hershey's Modulare Halloween Candy Display

3D Concept rendering of Hershey’s Modular Halloween Candy Display.

With EDZP your high-impact display program doesn’t have to be scary, unless that’s what you’re going for. When Hershey’s requested wow-factor for their in-store Halloween candy promotion, Englander dZignPak not only delivered, but designed, produced, packed and shipped the display all in a compact package for ease of handling. The team at Hershey’s had several requirements that included a structure that would work seamlessly with the existing Display Ready Cases, and a setup time of less than 15 minutes at the store level… And, if that wasn’t enough to spook many other design teams, our Structural team also had the challenge of making it modular, with setup options that could accommodate various footprints and retail environments at Walmart and other grocers, nationally. With a walk-through archway version, for shopper engagement and interaction. NO PROBLEM.

The Hershey’s Modular Halloween Candy Displays hit stores early this Fall and are rolling out just in time for Halloween candy stock up. So, don’t wait too long to grab your supply of treats from Hershey’s this year. And, if you’re looking for your next in-store promotion contact Englander dZignPak.

The Walk-through arch install Hershey's Modular Candy Display in Walmart.

The Walk-through arch install Hershey’s Modular Candy Display in Walmart.

Hershey's Modular Halloween Candy Display in Walmart #914, Cassville, MO.

Hershey’s Modular Halloween Candy Display in Walmart #914, Cassville, MO.